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Kingdom Raisers

The Kingdom Raisers ministry is designed to create fellowship and provide instruction for couples between the ages of 18 and 35; with children (infant – 12 years old). This group gathers once every month for fellowship, play games, attend outings, learn how to be a better parent, and more. In doing so, families can grow together spiritually and develop long-lasting friendships, all while having great fun. God desires His children to fellowship, and this group is able to do so with people who are at the same stages of life, have children of similar ages, have the same beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ.

Come join Kingdom Raisers at the next event!  For more information, contact the KR directors Jason and Jodi Riviere.



Ladies Ministry is more than a single event, but a ministry that contributes to a myriad of other ministries: programs such as Daugthers of Zion, More to Life, Open Door Ministries, Today’s Christian Girl, Women of Worth, Ladies Days and Mothers Memorial thrive because of the efforts of Ladies Ministry.


Locally, our ladies meet regularly and also participate in many other state-wide events. Women have an awesome time meeting with other ladies of like-faith.


You or the women in your life are encouraged to visit us at Family and join in what God is doing through our ladies!


Prayer plays a vital role in this current Church age and in the Kingdom of God overall. Jesus Christ taught us to pray by doing so Himself.  He also entreated His disciples to do the same. In prayer we can bring our needs and the needs of others before Him, cast our burdens upon Him, leaving our cares at His feet, and then worshiping the Lord for His answers. We recognize prayer is very important and have committed our church to such with the following prayer groups:



The Men’s Ministry is designed to bring godly men together, not only to help develop them as leaders in their families but also to grow great men of God, willing to serve His Kingdom. The purpose of Men’s Ministry is to train, develop, and equip men, both young and old, to grow spiritually and mentally.




We are always searching for innovative ways to reach out to this hurting, lost and dying world. Several departments within our church organize targeted outreach, which often involve the demographics of the group itself.  We also utilize technology, such as Facebook, podcasting and an online presence to reach others around the world who would otherwise never hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ or Family Worship Center. Our podcast is available 24 hours a day and are downloaded thousands of times per month. People are listening to the preached word of God across the United States and in many foreign countries.


Care & Prayer 

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As a local church, we strive to organize various outreaches and use every aspect of technology possible. From the internet to walking the streets of our community, every soul is worth the investment! Help us reach this world by involving yourself within a department and making a commitment to see the lost won for the Lord!

Our church’s mission statement directs us to reach others through ministries of practical helps, fellowship, edification, instruction and worship.  Let us know how we can help you reach others with the loving truth of the Gospel.


For more information regarding our church’s outreaching efforts, for upcoming scheduled dates and times click here.

Mens Ministry

We strive to teach men of all ages how to treat others with respect and dignity, and how to love one another as Christ loves the Church.  Men’s Ministry involves men and young men in activities throughout the year: past events have included a summer white water rafting trip, father/son camp out, quarterly prayer breakfasts, twice a month men’s prayer meeting, Jr. Youth Camp, and Sr. Youth Camp. These events are a few of the ways we form friendships, bond together in supportive prayer, and instruct men in righteous living.


Our local men’s group is led by Nathaniel Krouse.  

The Fields are white for Harvest

Ministry Staff

Rev Daniel  and  Cherissa Kerely

Intrem Pastor


Rev. Nathaniel & Trisha Krouse

He serves as Assistant Pastor and oversees the Public Relations Division of the church.  He also functions as director of Men’s Ministry.  She currently manages the Guest Services department, teaches Sunday School and assists in many other areas of church life.


Mr. Dominick & Mrs. Roseann Porquis

He leads the Campus Services Division, while – with his wife – serve as the youth leaders.  They truly have servants hearts and engage in the work of the Kingdom of God in numerous areas.

Mrs. Jeanette Brooks & Miss Elizabeth Griffin

Jeanette Brooks and Elizabeth Griffin, with assistance from Lisa Pierce, provide leadership for the Praise & Worship team, which is composed of musicians and singers.


Miss Nicole Rodriguez

Sunday School director


Rev. Jason & Mrs. Jo Riviere

Kingdom Raisers (young families) directors


Mr. Christopher Mathews

Leads the facility and vehicle maintenance effort and serves as head usher.


Rev. Michael Kafel

Campus maintenance coordinator


Mrs. Alice Cordova

SAGE (60+) director


Board of Trustees:

Rev. Nathaniel Krouse and Mr. Jeffrey Wilson

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